Mobile back-office for convenience store & gas station owners

CStorePro is a simple, powerful way to monitor your store’s sales, exceptions, day reports & inventory from any smartphone or tablet.

Eliminate losses, save time, and increase profits with CStorePro

CStorePro connects with your register & and makes it easy to

  • eliminate losses by monitoring register activity in real-time

  • increase profits by scanning & running promotions

  • save time by automating day reports & lottery scratch-off readings

CStorePro works with all major point-of-sale systems

1000+ convenience store & gas station owners just like you love CStorePro

"With one glance on my phone, I know exactly what's going on in all my stores. It's just like being at the store and watching over everything that's happening."

− M Hutchinson, Owner 7/11 MK Exxon, kissimmee, FL

"CStorePro understands the problems I face in my store. More importantly, they know the most practical way to solve them using CStorePro."

− A Patel, Owner of Citgo QuickMart in Secaucus, New Jersey

"CStorePro is the perfect mobile store management software. It is simple enough for all my employees to use and gives me all the info i need."

− K Mohammed, Owner Shell Food Mart in Atlanta , Georgia

See your register reports & transactions online instantly

"CStorePro is Google Analytics for convenience stores."

− TechCrunch

Know exactly how much inventory you have for each item

Get daily reports quickly and easily by downloading data from register

Step 1

Close day on register

Step 2

CStorePro automatically generates day report

Step 3

Verify & update data

Step 4


Change merchandise and gas prices from anywhere

Stay on top of your stores right from your smartphone

View everything in real time, from anywhere

With CStorePro you’re able to keep an eye on your entire store.  View full daily reports, current inventory, account balances, cash position and register alerts like no-sale openings, voids and refunds.  Its like being present at your store all the time.

All your stores in one place

No more calling around or shuffling through papers or switching between web-pages to find out what’s going on in your other stores.  CStorePro gives you all the data for all you stores on one screen.

Manage scratch-off sales and inventory without headaches

More features to love

Fuel management.

Whether you have commission based gas or full ownership, CStorePro lets you manage deliveries, payments, credit cards, jobber card, gas cash cards and environmental tank reports.

100+ reports.

Get accurate P/L for the entire store or any service within the store (Gas, Lottery, etc.).  CStorePro reports are designed with you, the CStore operator in mind and so you get exactly what you need without having to do any extra work.

Payroll management.

Stay on top of your employees by creating accurate time sheets and generating  payroll with just a few clicks. Have them clock in/out with password or fingerprint.

Banking management.

Reconcile all your bank accounts quickly and easily.  CStorePro automatically generates expected bank entries based on your daily data entry so all you have to do is match the system amounts with the actual amounts.   Bank reconciliation is that simple.

Advanced Security.

We take security seriously.  CStorePro lets you restrict access to your account using industry standard two-factor authentication such Google Authenticator, Yubico USB Key as well as IP address restrictions, and time restrictions.

Other Services.

Manage other services such as bill pay, credit cards, jobber cards, money transfers, money orders, check cashing and everything else in your CStore.